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QITAN BEARING is energetic new company since 2019, dedicated to improving the quality of life of consumers with perfect technology and perceived quality. Qitan bearing always abide by the high performance, low-cost brand promise. Over the years, by virtue of innovative product design,harsh quality control and intimate service, we won the love of users in domestic and at abroad.



QITAN BEARING specializes in design and production of miniature deep groove ball bearings and miniature flange bearings. Our positioning and philosophy is to provide high quality and cost-effective bearings for worldwide customers, Solve customer's bearing installation problem and provide perfect installation plan.



As a new company, by several years cooperation, new clients become loyal old clients, and introduce more new clients, we appreciate their kindness. In future, we do not only want to enlarge our service area, we also aim to make the world run faster and smoother, more convenient life for human.



A bearing is much more than a machine parts. In QITAN, a bearing is an instrument capable of creating change. It possesses both the strength to build a future and the potential to break Everything apart. To create or destroy- It’s all a matter of decision. No matter you are new in this filed or have long years experience, we all view you as our sincerely partner. OEM products are welcome to arrange.

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Ningbo Qitan Bearing Co.,Ltd
Add : No.211 Nanyi Road, Zhenhai District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China 315200
Phone: +86 182 6295 3431
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