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Polyurethane Bearing
Model Bore Dia(d) Outer Dia(OD) Width( WD) Internal Bearing Shore Hardness Weight
PU60518-5C1L6M4 5mm 18mm 5mm 1mm M4x6 605RS S304 85A 4.6g
PU60519-5C1L6M5 5mm 19mm 7mm 1mm M5x6 605RS S304 85A 7.2g
PU60830-8C1L8M6 8mm 30mm 7mm 1mm M6x8 608RS S304 85A 18.1g
PU60832-8C2L10M8 8mm 32mm 12mm 2mm M8x10 608RS S304 85A 25.9g
PU60835-8C0.5L10M8 8mm 35mm 15mm 0.5mm M8x10 608RS S304 85A 30g
PU60840-8C1L10M8 8mm 40mm 13mm 1mm M8x10 608RS S304 85A 33g
PU60845-8C2L10M8 8mm 45mm 14mm 2mm M8x10 608RS S304 85A 37.7g
PU62522-5C1L6M6 5mm 22mm 9mm 1mm M6x6 625RS S304 85A 10g
PU62525-5C1L6M6 5mm 25mm 9mm 1mm M6x6 625RS S304 85A 14g
PU62624-6C1L8M6 6mm 24mm 8mm 1mm M6x6 626RS S304 85A 14.3g
PU62626-6C1L8M6 6mm 26mm 10mm 1mm M6x8 626RS S304 85A 15.6g
PU62630-6C1L8M6 6mm 30mm 10mm 1mm M6x8 626RS S304 85A 18.2g
PU62633-6C1L8M6 6mm 33mm 7mm 1mm M6x8 626RS S304 85A 16.5g
PU62635-6C1L8M6 6mm 35mm 14mm 1mm M6x8 626RS S304 85A 23.2g
PU68413-4C1L5M4 4mm 13mm 4mm 1mm M4x5 684RS S304 85A 2.2g
PU69618-6C1L8M6 6mm 18mm 7mm 1mm M6x8 696RS S304 85A 7.2g
PU69620-6C1L8M6 6mm 20mm 5mm 1mm M6x8 696RS S304 85A 7.2g
PU69620-6C1L12M6 6mm 20mm 5mm 1mm M6x12 696RS S304 85A 7.2g
PU69622-6C1L12M6 6mm 22mm 6mm 1mm M6x12 696RS S304 85A 9g
PU600032-10C1L8M6 10mm 32mm 10mm 1mm M6x8 6000RS S304 85A 31.9g
PU600035-10C1L10M8 10mm 35mm 11mm 1mm M8x10 6000RS S304 85A 33.8g
PU600040-10C1L10M8 10mm 40mm 10mm 1mm M8x10 6000RS S304 85A 37.1g
PU600140-12C3L12M10 12mm 40mm 13mm 1mm M10x12 6001RS S304 85A 52g
PU620036-10C1L10M8 10mm 36mm 16mm 1mm M8x10 6200RS S304 85A 52g
PU60519-5 5mm 19mm 7mm 605RS 85A 4.7g
PUT60832-8 8mm 32m 14mm 2x608RS 85A 29.4g
PUT62524-5 5mm 24m 10mm 2x625RS 85A 12.4g
PUUT62640-18R4.5 6mm 40mm 18mm 2x626RS 85A 32.6g
PUU620144-16R4.5 12mm 44mm 16mm 6201RS 85A 45.1g
PU60830-8 8mm 30mm 11mm 608RS 85A 15.1g
PU60832-8 8mm 32mm 12mm 608RS 85A 17.6g
PU60835-8 8mm 35mm 15mm 608RS 85A 21.7g
PU60840-8 8mm 40mm 11mm 608RS 85A 22.8g
PU60845-8 8mm 45mm 14mm 608RS 85A 29.6g
PU62522-5 5mm 22mm 7mm 625RS 85A 6g
PU62525-5 5mm 25mm 9mm 625RS 85A 8.4g
PU62624-6 6mm 24mm 8mm 626RS 85A 9.1g
PU62626-6 6mm 26mm 8mm 626RS 85A 9.6g
PU62630-6 6mm 30mm 10mm 626RS 85A 12.7g
PU62633-6 6mm 33mm 7mm 626RS 85A 15.1g
PU62635-6 6mm 35mm 14mm 626RS 85A 18.2g
PU62640-6 6mm 40mm 10mm 626RS 85A 17.5g
PU68822-8 8mm 22mm 7mm 688RS 85A 5.1g
PU69618-6 6mm 18mm 7mm 696RS 85A 4.3g
PU69620-6 6mm 20mm 6mm 696RS 85A 4.8g
PU600035-10 10mm 35mm 11mm 6000RS 85A 28g
PU600040-10 10mm 40mm 10mm 6000RS 85A 28g
PU600140-12 12mm 40mm 13mm 6001RS 85A 31.6g
PU600145-12 12mm 45mm 14mm 6001RS 85A 38g
PU600250-15 15mm 50mm 15mm 6002RS 85A 50g
PU620036-10 10mm 36mm 16mm 6200RS 85A 37.3g
PU620350-17 17mm 50mm 18mm 6203RS 85A 80g
PUT69622-6 6mm 22m 10mm 2x696RS 85A 13.5g
PUU620156-14R4.5 12mm 56mm 14mm 6201zz 85A 131g
PU60518-5 5mm 18mm 5mm 605RS 85A 4.2g
PU60624-6 6mm 24mm 6mm 606RS 85A 7.5g
PU60828-8 8mm 28mm 7mm 608RS 85A 13.4g
PU60830-8 8mm 30mm 7mm 608RS 85A 14g
PU62418-4 4mm 18mm 5mm 624RS 85A 3.8g
PU62522-5 5mm 22mm 5mm 625RS 85A 5g
PU62628-6 6mm 28mm 6mm 626ZZ 85A 9.9g
PU62630-6 6mm 30mm 6mm 626RS 85A 10.5g
PU68312-3 3mm 12mm 3mm 683ZZ 85A 0.6g
PU68413-4 4mm 13mm 4mm 684RS 85A 0.6g
PU68516-5 5mm 16mm 5mm 685RS 85A 2.4g
PU68822-8 8mm 22mm 5mm 688RS 85A 5.4g
PU69619-6 6mm 19mm 5mm 696RS 85A 4.1g
PU69620-6 6mm 20mm 5mm 696RS 85A 4.5g
PUT63530-20 5mm 30mm 20mm 635 2RS 85A 29.8g
PUT63530-30 5mm 30mm 30mm 635 2RS 85A 36.3g
PUT63540-30 5mm 40mm 30mm 635 2RS 85A 55.9g
PUT62630-20 6mm 30mm 20mm 626 2RS 85A 28g
PUT62630-30 6mm 30mm 30mm 626 2RS 85A 34.5g
PUT62640-30 6mm 40mm 30mm 626 2RS 85A 54.1g
PUT69830-20 8mm 30mm 20mm 698 2RS 85A 27.2g
PUT69830-30 8mm 30mm 30mm 698 2RS 85A 33.7g
PUT69840-30 8mm 40mm 30mm 698 2RS 85A 53.3g
PUT680030-20 10mm 30mm 20mm 6800 2RS 85A 23.2g
PUT680030-30 10mm 30mm 30mm 6800 2RS 85A 29.7g
PUT680040-30 10mm 40mm 30mm 6800 2RS 85A 49.3g
PUT680030-30C1L9M8 10mm 30mm 30mm 2x6800 2RS 85A 56.6g
PUT68622-50 6mm 22mm 50mm 2x686zz 85A 40g
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