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Polyurethane Sleeve With Twin Bearings
Polyurethane Sleeve Bearing is made with one polyurethane sleeve and two same ball bearings. As it perfect performance in abrasion resistance, so it is widely used for the application of conveyor Belt, long use life and operate in mute.
The mostly common used ball bearings model are 626 2RS, 635 2RS, 698 2RS, 6800 2RS, Bore diameter range: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm. Outer Diameter range 30~40mm. Width range 20~30mm. 

Polyurethane Sleeve Bearings with Stainless Steel Screw is suitable for the application of Lithium battery equipment. 

Model Bore Dia(d) Outer Dia(OD) Width( WD) Internal Bearing Shore Hardness Weight
PUT63530-20 5mm 30mm 20mm 635 2RS 85A 29.8g
PUT63530-30 5mm 30mm 30mm 635 2RS 85A 36.3g
PUT63540-30 5mm 40mm 30mm 635 2RS 85A 55.9g
PUT62630-20 6mm 30mm 20mm 626 2RS 85A 28g
PUT62630-30 6mm 30mm 30mm 626 2RS 85A 34.5g
PUT62640-30 6mm 40mm 30mm 626 2RS 85A 54.1g
PUT69830-20 8mm 30mm 20mm 698 2RS 85A 27.2g
PUT69830-30 8mm 30mm 30mm 698 2RS 85A 33.7g
PUT69840-30 8mm 40mm 30mm 698 2RS 85A 53.3g
PUT680030-20 10mm 30mm 20mm 6800 2RS 85A 23.2g
PUT680030-30 10mm 30mm 30mm 6800 2RS 85A 29.7g
PUT680040-30 10mm 40mm 30mm 6800 2RS 85A 49.3g
PUT680030-30C1L9M8 10mm 30mm 30mm 2x6800 2RS 85A 56.6g
PUT68622-50 6mm 22mm 50mm 2x686zz 85A 40g
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Ningbo Qitan Bearing Co.,Ltd
Add : No.211 Nanyi Road, Zhenhai District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China 315200
Phone: +86 182 6295 3431
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