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Dent Type Polyurethane Bearing

Polyurethane bearing is widely used for currency counting machine, ATM, Paper Currency Sorter, Window, Door, Drawer, Cabinet, Elevator, Medical equipment, Conveyor belt etc.

The raw material of polyurethane bearing is Polyurethane elastomer. It is one kind of elastic material between rubber and plastic, so it has the high elasticity of rubber and high intensity of plastic. It performs outstandingly in abrasion resistance, bio compatibility and blood compatibility. At the same time, it has the feature of high oil resistance, high impact resistance, low temperature resistance, high Ozone resistance, high radiation resistance ,high load capacity and heat insulation properties.

Dent type Polyurethane Bearing means PU width is wider than than inserted bearing. Each type of Polyurethane bearing can add screw, Stainless steel screw or Carbon steel screw for select. Different colors are available.

Polyurethane Bearing DrawingConveyor Belt Bearing

Model Bore Dia(d) Outer Dia(OD) Width( WD) Internal Bearing Shore Hardness Weight
PU60519-5 5mm 19mm 7mm 605RS 85A 4.7g
PU60830-8 8mm 30mm 11mm 608RS 85A 15.1g
PU60832-8 8mm 32mm 12mm 608RS 85A 17.6g
PU60835-8 8mm 35mm 15mm 608RS 85A 21.7g
PU60840-8 8mm 40mm 11mm 608RS 85A 22.8g
PU60845-8 8mm 45mm 14mm 608RS 85A 29.6g
PU62522-5 5mm 22mm 7mm 625RS 85A 6g
PU62525-5 5mm 25mm 9mm 625RS 85A 8.4g
PU62624-6 6mm 24mm 8mm 626RS 85A 9.1g
PU62626-6 6mm 26mm 8mm 626RS 85A 9.6g
PU62630-6 6mm 30mm 10mm 626RS 85A 12.7g
PU62633-6 6mm 33mm 7mm 626RS 85A 15.1g
PU62635-6 6mm 35mm 14mm 626RS 85A 18.2g
PU62640-6 6mm 40mm 10mm 626RS 85A 17.5g
PU68822-8 8mm 22mm 7mm 688RS 85A 5.1g
PU69618-6 6mm 18mm 7mm 696RS 85A 4.3g
PU69620-6 6mm 20mm 6mm 696RS 85A 4.8g
PU600035-10 10mm 35mm 11mm 6000RS 85A 28g
PU600040-10 10mm 40mm 10mm 6000RS 85A 28g
PU600140-12 12mm 40mm 13mm 6001RS 85A 31.6g
PU600145-12 12mm 45mm 14mm 6001RS 85A 38g
PU600250-15 15mm 50mm 15mm 6002RS 85A 50g
PU620036-10 10mm 36mm 16mm 6200RS 85A 37.3g
PU620350-17 17mm 50mm 18mm 6203RS 85A 80g
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Add : No.211 Nanyi Road, Zhenhai District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China 315200
Phone: +86 182 6295 3431
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