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695 POM Coated Wheel Bearing
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Plastic Coated bearing means extrusion one layer of plastic on the bearing, the main materials are polyformaldehyde(POM), Nylon and ABS. According to different application, can made into different shapes, such as: flat type, U groove, V groove. POM is common used for wheel application. The resin is white or black granule, mix with different colors of master batch to be colorful wheels.The advantage of POM Coated bearing is that it is wear-resistance, fatigue-resistant, high hardness, longer lifespan and less noise.


POM coated bearing is widely used for the applications of sliding door, sliding window, shower room sliding roller, drawer sliding roller, Fitness equipment,hardware fittings etc.


We have more than 10 years experience in POM coated bearing, over 30 extrusion lines, fast shipment, quality guarantee. OEM is available, just need provide us the drawing or sizes.


Producing video for your reference:

695zz POM Coated Sliding Window Roller Bearing

How to produce Sliding Window Roller Bearing?


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