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How to Improve the Life of Bearings
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Bearing is an important part of modern mechanical equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient during its movement, and ensure the accuracy of rotation. With the increasing demand for bearings, the problems of premature damage and short service life of bearings plague users.

Bearing life refers to the total number of rotations before fatigue pitting of any element in a single bearing or working hours at a certain speed. However, in our daily practical use, it can be clearly observed that under the same working conditions, bearings with the same appearance have different actual life. What causes this?

1.Cut down materials

Some manufacturers in order to attract customer and keep price advantage, they adopt poor quality balls, thin inner rings, thin outer rings, poor retainers and so on. Although the cost is saved for a while and the price is superior, the service life is greatly shortened. 

2. Poor lubrication

According to investigation, poor lubrication is one of the main causes of premature bearing damage. Including not adding lubricant or lubricating oil in time; not adding lubricant or lubricating oil in place; improper selection of lubricant or lubricating oil; incorrect lubrication and so on.

3.Improper installation

(1). Installation force is too strong, among which hammering bearing is the most harmful, it is also the main cause of deformation.

(2). Installation deviation or not installed in the bearing position, resulting in too small bearing clearance. The inner and outer rings are not in the same revolving center, resulting in different centers.

Suggestion: Select professional bearing installation tools and use special instruments to test after installation.

4. Pollution

Pollution can also lead to premature bearing damage. Pollution refers to dust, metal chips and so on into the bearing interior. The main reasons include: premature opening of bearing packaging before use, causing pollution; unclean working environment during installation, causing pollution; unclean working environment of bearing, polluting working medium, etc.

Suggestions: Before use, it is better not to dismantle the packaging of bearings. keep the installation environment clean, clean the bearings to be used. strengthen the sealing device of bearings.

Suggestion: Choose the right lubricant or lubricant, and use the right way of lubrication and filling.

5. Fatigue

Fatigue damage is a common way of bearing damage. Common causes of fatigue damage may be: long-term overload operation of bearings; not timely maintenance; improper maintenance; equipment aging, etc.

Suggestion: Choose the appropriate bearing type and replace the fatigue bearing regularly and timely.

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